What to do with tinnitus in a 6-year-old child?Teach you a few good ways

Xiaobao is 6 years old this year.The child has always been in good health. Since the birth of the child, we have paid special attention to his health and nutrition problems.But the child has been screaming about ear pain recently, saying that there is a sound in the ear.We didn’t care much, but the neighbor said that it might be tinnitus.under,Hearing Aids Made in ChinaI taught you a few ways to deal with tinnitus in children.

1. Avoid noise

Children with tinnitus should reduce the time spent on living and studying under noisy environments, and reduce the time spent on daily outings. The noise of outside traffic, industry, and entertainment may aggravate the symptoms of tinnitus.The results of years of research have shown that long-term excessive exposure to noise is one of the causes of hearing damage.

2. Appropriate diet

In fact, tinnitus patients do not have too many requirements for diet.On the premise of being light, low-fat and easy to digest, it can be arranged according to the patient’s preference.In order to improve blood circulation in the ears, the saturated fat, cholesterol, and niacin in the diet should be reduced by 100-6000 mg per day, which can help lower cholesterol.Note: Don’t take too much niacin without doctor’s monitoring, because side effects such as liver poisoning may occur.Studies have shown that most people who suffer from tinnitus are deficient in vitamin B12, and nutritionists recommend taking 6 micrograms of vitamin daily.Use salt sparingly in your diet, because salt can accumulate liquid in your ears and aggravate tinnitus.

The child only has tinnitus, but there is no hearing loss, dizziness, etc., and there is no pathological change in the examination. Generally speaking, it is considered as a physiological phenomenon.Physiological tinnitus can be improved by self-massing the front of the tragus, generally without medication.However, patients with severe illness need to undergo surgical treatment. This treatment method is generally operated as a last resort, because the pain suffered by patients with this treatment is relatively large.

Children with tinnitus usually suffer from insomnia.In this case, masking methods can be used, such as wearing Chinese-made hearing aids or using special tinnitus maskers.You can also use the FM radio to tune it to just mask the tinnitus, and use it at night to relieve its pain.

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