Excessive fatigue and noise environment should be careful to prevent sudden deafness

Excessive fatigue and noise are the two main factors that cause sudden deafness.Hearing Aids Made in ChinaExperts explained that this is related to changes in blood vessels caused by the release of certain mediators from nerves during late sleep and excessive fatigue, causing blood flow rate to be too slow, and blood supply disorders in the brain blood vessels. Nausea, vomiting, tinnitus and deafness.”

The degree of deafness varies from person to person. Some people will be completely deaf, but some people will have partial hearing loss. “Partial audio loss may be due to a drop in high frequency, or a drop in low frequency. This kind of deaf patient does not hear a complete sentence. They can’t hear them at all, they can hear a few words or incomplete sentences, and they can understand the meaning of the words, but they are actually deaf, and they need to seek medical attention in time.” A Chinese hearing aid expert said that within three days of sudden deafness With timely treatment, more than 80% of patients can be cured or recovered; delaying treatment will cause the disease to progress further, which may easily lead to degeneration and necrosis of the auditory nerve, reducing the possibility of hearing recovery, and even hearing loss is irreversible.

China-made hearing aid reminder: Generally speaking, sudden deafness is menacing. Hearing loss can occur in an instant, a few hours or a few days, and sometimes when you wake up in the morning, you will suddenly notice deafness.The deafness of the slow person can gradually get worse, and the progress will not stop until a few days later.It ranges from mild to severe to completely deaf.It can be temporary or permanent.Know the cause of sudden deafness and go to the hospital for treatment in time to avoid delaying the condition.

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