What problems should the mother-to-be pay attention to to avoid fetal hearing loss?

The hearing loss of the fetus may be due to the mother’s inadequate care during pregnancy.Mothers-to-be during pregnancy should give up cigarettes, alcoholic beverages, and avoid (letting the fetus) stay in noisy environments.

Even in the mother’s womb, the fetus’s hearing is susceptible to noise.If the expectant mother stays in a noisy environment, the fetus in the abdomen is at risk of congenital noise-induced hearing loss.It is generally believed that the hearing of the fetus will be fully developed in 20 weeks and the ability to protect itself is poor.

Pregnancy in a strong noise environment may also lead to premature delivery.According to a US Journal of Pediatric Research, mothers who are exposed to 80dB of noise for 8 hours increase the risk of premature birth.

The effects of cigarettes and alcohol on the auditory organs:

According to a Swedish survey report, malnutrition and the mycin derived from cigarettes and alcohol will reduce the fetal cell formation and affect the auditory organ-it will not recover for a lifetime.Such babies may have fewer auditory sensory cells at birth than normal, which increases the risk of hearing loss caused by noise or aging.

Early studies have shown that ingesting cigarettes and alcohol during pregnancy may cause hearing ability to be lower than normal.The Swedish survey report also shows that when the baby’s hearing value is lower than the average hearing value, it may be due to poor pregnancy conditions (ingestion of cigarettes, alcohol)

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