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The theme of my country’s Earlier Day:

2000: Preventing deafness caused by ototoxic drugs

2001: Implement early intervention to reduce the incidence of deafness

2002: Hearing Disability-Helping Deaf and Impoverished Children

2003: Improve population quality and reduce birth defects of hearing

2004: Deaf prevention enters the community

2005: The whole society cares for the elderly together-healthy hearing, happy life

2006: Prevention of hearing loss and healthy hearing for the deaf

2007: Urban and rural linkages, joint attention to the hearing health of young people-cherish hearing and grow up happily

2008: The Olympics are wonderful-I heard

2009: Correct useHearing aid

XNUMX. The importance of ear protection

The ear is one of the important organs of the five sense organs. In addition to being in charge of hearing, it also has the function of maintaining body balance.The ear can be divided into auricle, external auditory canal, middle ear and inner ear.If any part of the ear is damaged, the result may be serious and even cause deafness, so we must protect the ear.And once deaf, our language communication ability will be affected to a certain extent.

Language is a tool used by humans to express meaning and exchange ideas, and the broad language includes spoken and written language.The purpose of people learning language is to learn the experience accumulated by the predecessors, master basic life skills, and better communicate and communicate with others.Hearing loss can cause a series of problems in learning, communication, life, etc., such as low language learning ability, difficult communication with others, and even a great impact on their psychology.Therefore, it is very important to take good care of your ears and protect your ears.

XNUMX. How to protect ears

1. Ear protection knowledge starts with children

Parents should teach children not to plug things into their ears. Once this happens, do not forcefully take things out of the ears. Parents should keep calm and take their children to see a doctor immediately.

2. Ear cleaning

Earwax is a secretion that naturally protects the external ear canal. No special cleaning is required, just clean the auricle every day.Don’t mistakenly think that cotton swabs are a better ear cleaning tool. In fact, this will only push most of the earwax deeper into the ear hole, forming a plug, and the cotton ball may also be left in the ear canal.

When washing your hair or bathing, you can plug your ears with cotton balls to prevent sewage from flowing into the ear canal.Parents should be careful not to let the milk flow into the ears when the baby vomits milk, which may cause otitis externa.

3. Noisy environment

When a person spends more than forty hours a week and is in an environment of 85 to 90 decibels without protective measures; or is exposed to sudden loud noises, the delicate cells of the cochlea will be destroyed, causing acoustic shock damage.Therefore, when there is a danger of acoustic shock damage, such as industrial noise, especially in machine shops or foundries, loud bells, guns, and explosions, we should all wear special ear protectors. .Under the occupational safety regulations, this protector must be supplied by the employer.

When you are walking outside and suddenly encounter a loud sound, you should open your mouth to balance the pressure inside and outside the eardrum to prevent the eardrum from being penetrated by the loud sound.

4. Medication safety

When you notice a problem with your ears, you should see a doctor. Don’t buy ear drops on the affected area by yourself, so as not to worsen the condition due to improper medicine.

During pregnancy, women should follow the doctor’s instructions for medication, because some medications can affect the development of the fetus’s hearing.

5.Early treatment

Since the ear is an important organ, we should seek medical treatment as soon as possible in the following cases.For example: discharge or bleeding, pain due to foreign body entering the ear, long-term earache, sudden loss of hearing, tinnitus and dizziness.

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