33 The use of hearing aids

XNUMX. Why useHearing aid

Although the medical level in the 21st century is very advanced, the current medical level has not yet reached the level of medical technology that can completely cure deafness.Therefore, people have to use auxiliary listening devices to communicate and communicate with others.

There are about three types of auxiliary listening devices currently on the market:Hearing aid, FM system, cochlear implant.

1) Hearing aid

 With the development of science and technology, the technical level of hearing aids has reached the high-tech level, and the sound is transferred through digital technology.

The processor is condensed into a small chip.Such digital hearing aids run faster, process sounds closer to nature, and are relatively inexpensive.

2) FM system

 At present, the use of FM system is not very common. It is generally used for speech rehabilitation education for deaf children, and it is not as convenient as hearing aids.If you go out, the FM system cannot help the hearing loss patient listen to the sound

3) Cochlear implant

 The price of a cochlear implant is quite expensive, and the cheapest one is more than XNUMX yuan, which is simply not affordable for ordinary families.Moreover, there are certain standards for cochlear implantation, so the current number of cochlear implant users is still quite small.

XNUMX. How to use hearing aids

 The current digital hearing aids are very simple to use, as long as the hearing aid is fitted with a battery and placed in the ear.And there is no need for the patient to adjust the sound of the hearing aid.After the patient purchases the hearing aid, the hearing aid fitter uses the computer to program the digital hearing aid to make the hearing aid work in the best condition.

 However, it does not mean that the normal hearing level can be achieved after wearing a hearing aid. This is closely related to the patient’s hearing loss and the number of years of using the hearing aid.Therefore, it takes a certain amount of time to successfully use hearing aids and improve your hearing level.If you want to know the specific method of the successful use of hearing aids and the speech rehabilitation plan, you can find out through the fitter of the fitting center.

XNUMX. Cleaning and maintenance of hearing aids

The cleaning and maintenance of hearing aids are very important.The life of a hearing aid is generally 5 to 10 years, but if you maintain it well, the life of the hearing aid can be longer.Therefore, hearing aid maintenance is a very important thing.I have a few suggestions below:

1. Wear or take off the hearing aid on a soft surface such as a bed or sofa.Do not fall on a hard place.

2. Do not expose hearing aids to high temperatures, avoid direct sunlight, and keep away from radiation.

3. Before bathing or swimming, the hearing aid must be taken off.Always keep the hearing aid dry. When not in use, remove the battery, open the battery cover, and wipe the hearing aid with a soft cloth.

4. If you want to work in a humid environment, or work will cause a lot of sweating, please pay attention to keep yourself dry every day, and regularly perform moisture absorption treatment on hearing aids.

5. Keep pets away from hearing aids.When pets hear howling, they will be irritated. In addition, they will be attracted by the owner’s smell, which can easily cause damage to the hearing aid.

6. Do not let the hearing aid come into contact with hair spray, oil, etc.

7. Keep the ear canal clean and hygienic.

8. Regularly go to the hearing aid fitting shop to adjust the hearing aids to make the hearing aids work in the best condition.

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