Parents’ smoking can cause ear diseases such as deafness in children

Parents who often smoke can expose their children to smog. In addition to otitis media secondary to acute and chronic rhinitis, hyperplasia, and upper respiratory tract infection, the harmful substances in cigarette smoke can stimulate the delicate middle ear mucosa of children.It can increase and thicken the mucus secreted in the middle ear, and the eustachian tube is not smooth, which causes fluid accumulation in the middle ear and induces otitis media.Over time, perforation, thickening of the tympanic membrane, calcification, adhesion, and invagination will cause hearing loss and finally cause conductive deafness.

Medical experts at home and abroad believe that children’s deafness is related to passive smoking. This deafness is mostly conductive and is the result of long-term chronic inflammation of the middle ear.In order to avoid damage to the hearing function of children, parents should quit smoking and try to avoid passive smoking of children. This will help reduce the incidence of exudative otitis media and upper respiratory tract diseases in children.

John McKee, an environmental medicine expert at Harvard University in the United States, has discovered through years of research that cigarette smoke can cause tympanic membrane congestion in children and lead to otitis media. The reason is that harmful substances or allergies in the smoke stimulate the middle ear and cause inflammation.Approximately 100 million children in the United States suffer from otitis media each year, and 80% of them live with smokers.As children cannot express their illness and pain, treatment is easily delayed. If it is too late to allow them to develop deafness, parents must pay attention to them.

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