Protect your hearing from chewing gum while wearing headphones

Chewing gum while listening to music is not uncommon among young people.Although this behavior is often criticized as indecent, recent otolaryngology experts have given different opinions, believing that chewing gum when listening to music on headphones can protect hearing.

Experts point out that chewing food can relieve the atmospheric pressure of the middle ear and the outside world when listening to music with headphones.For example, when many people feel ear pain during takeoff and landing of an airplane, they do some actions that prompt the eustachian tube to open, such as swallowing saliva, eating, drinking, yawning, etc., and the symptoms of ear pain will be alleviated.

In addition, a study by the Taiwanese medical community also pointed out that when chewing food while listening to music while wearing headphones, the sound pressure measured by the inner ear will be reduced by 1 to 3 decibels, thus achieving the effect of protecting the eardrum.

Anatomically, the anterior wall of the external auditory canal is the temporomandibular joint. When a person is wearing headphones to listen to music, the temporomandibular joint will pull on the ears, causing the volume of the earbuds to leak into the ears, causing sound leakage. Can play a role in protecting the ears.

Experts also pointed out that wearing headphones for a long time, especially listening to music for a long time in a noisy environment, damages people’s hearing. Therefore, it is best to rest for 1 to 5 minutes every half an hour or 10 hour to avoid hearing loss. Old age first decays”.

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