Is hearing loss the culprit?

Whether it is wearing hearing aids or wearing glasses, everyone seems to be wondering, is it true that the longer you wear it, the worse your hearing (vision) will become?

A user sent us a consultation: “I recently discovered a problem. When I first started using hearing aids, the effect was pretty good, but the longer I got, I felt that my hearing was getting worse and worse… and I would receive a certain range at the same time. I can’t hear all the sounds inside. I don’t know if the deafness is aggravated or the ears have other problems? Do I need to change to a cochlear implant in this case?

Regarding this type of question, the experts gave their opinions——

Answer XNUMX: The hearing changes, the instrument should be adjusted

Experts believe that this problem does occur during the wearing of hearing aids, but this is not caused by the hearing aid itself, the problem lies in the ears.

First, people’s hearing will not stay the same, some diseases (such as colds, etc.) may cause hearing loss; second, with age, people’s hearing function will also decline, whether for normal people or patients with ear diseases In terms of it, it’s all true.

If you feel that your hearing aids are becoming more and more useless, the first thing to do is to go to the repair point of your hearing aids to debug the machine so that you can reach a normal hearing level.If the hearing loss is rapid and the hearing loss is sharp, it is recommended to go to the hospital for hearing tests to check whether there is ear disease.

Friendly Reminder of Chinese-made Hearing Technology:

The principle of a hearing aid is actually equivalent to a loudspeaker for the ear. The sound heard is very concentrated and average. This is the distortion of the hearing aid and belongs to the limitation of the instrument itself.

Answer XNUMX: Can use hearing aids without cochlear implants

Is it possible to turn to cochlear implants for hearing loss?According to experts, hearing aids and cochlear implants have different principles and different contraindications.

Hearing aids are equivalent to wearing a loudspeaker on the ears, and their role is to amplify the sound, just like wearing myopia glasses on the eyes to correct vision.It is suitable for patients who have certain hearing but not up to the standard hearing.

Cochlear implants are used for patients who cannot hear sound at all.In some patients, the sensory cells of the inner ear are damaged, which seriously hinders the transmission of auditory information.In layman’s terms, the function of a cochlear implant is to convert sound waves into electrical signals, excite the auditory nerve fibers, and transmit sound information to the brain to produce hearing.Clinically, there are still some patients whose ears cannot hear, but the auditory organs are congenital malformations and cerebral palsy. Such patients are unable to even cochlear implants.

In addition to different contraindications, the installation of a cochlear implant is an operation that costs 10 to more than 20 yuan. The operation is risky and the cost is also a big problem.Therefore, as long as there is hearing, patients who can use hearing aids do not need to install a cochlear implant, especially the elderly should consider the risk of surgery.

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