Will people be “deaf” when they grow old?


Six categories of presbycusis

The pathological changes of presbycusis mainly manifested in inner ear basement membrane thickening, calcification, hyaline degeneration, spiral ligament atrophy, inner and outer hair cell atrophy with supporting cell reduction, striated vascular atrophy, spiral ganglion degeneration, cochlear nerve degeneration, inner ear blood vessels Hardening, narrowing or even occlusion of the lumen, degeneration and degeneration of nerve nuclei in the auditory nerve center and cerebral cortex.According to pathological changes, senile deafness is generally divided into 6 types:

The sensory type is characterized by the degeneration, damage, and reduction of the outer hair cells and supporting cells of the cochlea, and the patient’s hearing in both ears drops sharply.

The main pathological changes of neurotype are spiral ganglion and cochlear nerve atrophy. The hearing curve is flat and decreased, the high frequency is obvious, and the language recognition ability is worse than the sound perception ability. It is also called schizophrenia.

Vascular type, also known as metabolic presbycusis, is characterized by cochlear stria vascularis atrophy, the hearing curve gradually declines, and the ability to recognize speech is good.

Cochlear conduction type, also known as mechanical presbycusis, is characterized by thickening of the basement membrane, deposition of calcium salts, reduction of elastic fibers, and hyaline degeneration.The hearing curve is dominated by high-frequency hearing loss.

The mixed type has the characteristics of the above types, but it is not suitable to be defined as a certain type alone. The hearing curve shows a gradual decline.

Uncertainty does not have any of the above-mentioned characteristics, and histological examination has no fixed pathological changes.

Four treatments

Presbycusis is a natural law, and there is no way to reverse it, but treatment can slow down the progression of deafness. The methods are as follows:

1. Drug treatment.Commonly used drugs include the following categories: vasodilators to improve microcirculation, such as Sibelin, Persantin, Dibazole, Danshen, Mailuoning, Luoxintong, Nimodipine, Dioxinxuekang, and low-molecular-weight dextran, etc.; endocrine agents, such as sex hormones Etc.; Lipoprotein dissolving agent, such as Antomin, etc.; Vitamins, such as vitamin A and E; Chinese patent medicines for promoting blood circulation, removing stasis, resuscitating and promoting qi, such as Yiqi Fucong Decoction, Yufeng Ningxin Tablet, Songling Xuemaikang, Deafness Zoci pills, etc.; tranquilizers, invigorating the heart and sedatives, such as tranquilizing and invigorating heart pills, Tianma pills, doxepin, diazepam, carbamazepine, etc.


3. Treat systemic diseases.Patients with diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, and hyperlipidemia should be treated promptly and reasonably.Hyperbaric oxygen therapy can be used when there are no contraindications.

4. WearHearing aid.Patients with severe deafness can be equipped withHearing aid, In order to communicate with others and avoid loneliness and pessimism.At the same time, language training and lip-reading training can be used to improve language comprehension.

Delay the aging of the auditory system

The key to preventing presbycusis is anti-aging. The author believes that the aging of the auditory system can be delayed from the following aspects:

To maintain healthy behaviors, you should live in a reasonable schedule, enrich your spiritual life, and maintain optimism; you must have a broad mind, a good mood, a calm heart, make more friends, participate in group activities, and avoid loneliness.

Reasonable diet should pay attention to nutrition, avoid “three highs and one low” (high sugar, high salt, high cholesterol, low vitamins), avoid fast food, hot food, and cold food; eat more foods with high zinc and iron content, such as black fungus, Lean meat, fish, beans; quit smoking and limit alcohol, drink moderate amounts of milk every day, and eat 1 to 2 eggs.

Appropriate participation in sports activities. Life lies in exercise, and exercise is to maintain one’s health. You should participate in physical exercises appropriately.At the same time, you can massage and rub the auricle 80-100 times a day to increase the blood supply to the ear.

Involuntary medication should be used rationally under the guidance of a doctor. Do not make your own claims, especially ototoxic drugs, such as gentamicin, kanamycin, streptomycin, etc., should be used with caution.

Prevent noise stimulation. When the sound is higher than 90 decibels, it will damage the hearing, so you should try to avoid the noise environment.

For early treatment of illnesses, you should attend physical examinations on time, and treat the illnesses in time if you find them. Don’t avoid doctors, so as not to delay treatment.

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