Tinnitus means deafness?

Is tinnitus a sign of deafness?Do they have certain relevance?This problem is often mentioned by friends around me. Today, China Manufacturing will briefly explain the connection between tinnitus and deafness.

Generally speaking, tinnitus and deafness are not absolutely related, but tinnitus is a common symptom that produces deafness. If tinnitus symptoms continue to occur, it is likely that your ears are warning you!

Tinnitus is a sound subjectively felt by the human ear without external sound and electrical stimulation. It is an illusion of the auditory system.Tinnitus with mild symptoms is generally intermittent and does not last for a long time; while tinnitus with severe symptoms is persistent. Prolonged tinnitus often affects people’s daily life and may be a precursor to many diseases.

Therefore, although there is no inevitable causal relationship between tinnitus and deafness, sometimes tinnitus may simply be caused by fatigue, but when tinnitus continues to occur, you should be vigilant and check your hearing in time.

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