Outlook for the hearing aid market in 2011

Although the sales performance of hearing aids in the last quarter of last year in the United States has not yet been announced, due to the slowdown in sales growth in the first three quarters of 2010, industry professionals are not optimistic about this.

     数据显示,在2010年头两个季度的持续增长后,美国第三季度的助听器销售开始出现疲软,同比增长仅为3.4%,而非政府采购助听器的销售业绩更是差强人意,只有2.4%。 其中政府采购依然带动整体销售,从7月到9月,已经达到7.7%,不过和第一、二季度的18.9%和11.6%相比,也出现明显下滑。

     非政府采购一直增长缓慢,在前两季的销售仅仅增长2.7%, 而环比却只有区区1%。到2010年9月30日为止,非政府助听器销售552187台,美国总体市场销售略超过2百万台,同比增长3.9%。

     上面这些数据看来并不令人满意,但考虑到美国经济依然没有复苏起色,失业率停留在上个世纪80年代来最高的9.5%,助听器行业似乎并没收到太大的影响。新年到来之际,对于美国这个最大的单一助听器市场的前景的预测,也不乐观。美国听力杂志在采访多位行业人士,他们纷纷表示2011年美国助听器市场将和今年相似,增长不会太高,预计2010年全年助听器销售将达到260万台,同比增长3.9%,超过美国2%de GDP增长。

     People from the American Hearing Aid Industry Association and investment institutions have predicted that the U.S. hearing aid market will grow between 2011-4% in 5, which will not exceed the growth rate in 2008.It seems that the hearing impaired in the United States did not stop buying due to economic reasons.Hearing aid, This is good news, but as external commentators have said, the bad news is that the penetration rate of the overall hearing aid market has not increased significantly. In other words, the hearing aid usage rate, which has been stagnant for many years, is not among the existing hearing-impaired people. Be improved.These few percentage points increase are actually due to the newly added hearing impaired.

     However, everyone believes that it is fortunate that the hearing aid industry has not declined during the entire economic crisis, but has increased. This shows that hearing aids are still relatively strong against risks. In contrast, dental and artificial knees are similar to hearing aids. The industry, which has fallen by double digits in the past few years, has not yet fully recovered.

     At the same time, it needs to be pointed out that the growth rate of cochlear implants is relatively fast. According to reports, this market segment is growing at a rate of 10-15% and will continue to be maintained in 2011.



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