White-collar workers are susceptible to low-frequency deafness and should seek medical treatment as soon as possible

Suddenly feel stuffy and swollen in your ears?Disappeared on its own shortly after?Listen to the lady speak clearly, but the man’s voice is buzzing?Don’t be careless, this is probably “low frequency deafness.”Low-frequency deafness is a kind of sudden deafness. The incidence of white-collar workers is rising rapidly, especially those who are busy at work, under pressure, and often stay up late.And this kind of deafness can easily be mistaken for ordinary tinnitus and ignored, especially when accompanied by a cold.

Low-frequency deafness is prone to recurrent episodes.When the attack occurs, the ears will feel stuffy, swollen, and clogged. The ears are like full of air, and some will have sounds like engines or wind blowing, but they usually don’t accompany headaches.Another feature is that “women are more important than men”. When the disease occurs, men with lower voices can’t hear clearly, while women’s voices are more shrill, high-frequency voices, so they can hear more clearly.Low-frequency deafness cannot be treated for a long time, which can easily cause dizziness, nausea, etc., and even cause anxiety and insomnia.Low-frequency deafness within two weeks of onset is the best time for treatment, and the possibility of a complete cure is very high.

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