Touching your ears every day can prevent deafness

The theory of traditional Chinese medicine believes that the kidney opens the ear, so the auditory function of the ear is closely related to the ups and downs of the kidney’s essence. If the kidney essence is sufficient and the marrow is nourished, the ear’s auditory function is normal.If the essence and qi in the kidney are weak and the marrow sea is empty, the hearing loss, or tinnitus, deafness, etc., is used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat ear dysfunction.

Classification of deafness and causes of deafness

If you want to know how to protect the hearing of your ears, you must first understand what causes deafness and what kinds of deafness are there.According to the nature of deafness, it can be roughly divided into three types:

1. Conductive deafness

Deafness caused by congenital or acquired causes in the sound conduction process is called conductive deafness.Common diseases include: congenital external and ear malformations, various types of otitis media, ear trauma, ear canal cerumen embolism, otosclerosis, etc.

2. Sensorineural hearing loss

Due to congenital or acquired causes, deformities or lesions of the inner ear cause nerves to transmit auditory signals to the auditory center of the brain, resulting in deafness caused by obstacles.Common diseases include: congenital inner ear malformations, drug-induced deafness, viral infections (mumps, etc.), explosive deafness, noise-induced deafness, sudden deafness, presbycusis, acoustic neuroma, etc.Among them, drug-induced deafness is the most common.For example, improper use of streptomycin causes many children to be deaf and dumb.

3. Mixed deafness

It is characterized by the combination of the above two kinds of deafness. Common diseases include: otitis media for many years without systemic treatment, and finally mixed deafness.

Touching your ears every day can prevent deafness

The ear is the auditory organ, capable of distinguishing various sounds in the natural world and maintaining the balance of the body.Normally, we should pay attention to regulating emotions, keep the mood comfortable, and focus on light diet to protect the function of the ears.

In the living and working environment, try to avoid or reduce the ear damage caused by noise as much as possible, and the noise in the surrounding environment should not exceed 65 decibels.If you work in an environment where the noise exceeds 65 decibels, you must take appropriate measures (such as wearing earplugs or earmuffs) to protect your hearing, otherwise it will cause permanent hearing loss.

When bathing or swimming, pay attention to prevent sewage from entering the ear canal to avoid causing ear canal infection.If sewage enters the ear canal, use a sterile cotton swab to absorb the water, and if necessary, use a little alcohol to sterilize it.Try not to dig earwax, because earwax has a protective effect on the ear canal and can be discharged by itself. If the ear canal is blocked by too much earwax, please ask an ear doctor to check and deal with it.

Use your thumb and index finger to relatively press the tragus on the auricle, and focus on the corresponding acupuncture points of the outer nose, inner nose, and throat. It is required to press and loosen it. The force is moderate and even, and there is a certain pain.Or use your thumb and index finger to press on the three-legged fossa, antitragus, and posterior sulcus on the auricle, focusing on acupuncture points such as Shenmen, dizziness, brain, and insomnia.These two methods can prevent deafness and also have a good effect on colds and insomnia.

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