Hearing aid effect is closely related to hearing aid technology and fitting quality


Carefully analyze what is the most obvious improvement of hearing aids for hearing-impaired patients. The author found that the first three that have the best effect are: listening to conversations in a quiet environment, conversations in places with few people, and telephone conversations.These researchers believe that the degree of improvement of hearing aids for the hearing impaired may rise to about 65-70%, but it must be combined with advanced wireless links and traditional inductive coil technologies.

If the benefit of hearing aids and the improvement of quality of life are analyzed, the results of this study show that the higher the benefit of hearing aids, the more they can improve the ability of hearing-impaired patients to communicate effectively, their sense of self-security, and the relationship with their families. And so on. 80% of hearing aid users are satisfied with hearing aids, and 90% of hearing aid users will experience the improvement of their quality of life due to the improvement of their hearing impairment. All these positive effects are closely related to the technology of hearing aids and the quality of hearing aid fittings. (China Audiology Network)

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