Tinnitus may be an early signal of cardiovascular disease. ECG should be done as soon as possible

The 69-year-old Uncle Yang has always been in acceptable physical condition because he pays more attention to recuperation and exercise.But a few days ago, he was admitted to the emergency department for sudden angina pectoris. Fortunately, myocardial infarction did not appear in time.During the consultation, the doctor found that Uncle Yang had bilateral high-pitched tinnitus before the onset of angina, but Uncle Yang didn’t care too much at the time.In fact, tinnitus may be an early signal of cardiovascular disease. If Uncle Yang can go to the hospital for an electrocardiogram and other related examinations when tinnitus occurs, he may be able to detect heart abnormalities early and avoid the onset of angina pectoris.

According to statistics, in patients with coronary heart disease with tinnitus, 86.7% of patients have tinnitus before angina, and 8.6% of patients have angina and tinnitus at the same time.This is because the cochlea is more sensitive to ischemia and hypoxia.The elderly have long-term tinnitus, hearing loss, deafness and other inner ear symptoms, which are often caused by arteriosclerosis, coronary heart disease, transient cerebral ischemia, etc. Most patients develop coronary heart disease within 6 to 12 months after these symptoms appear Symptoms of cardiovascular disease.

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