The deafness turned out to be due to bad teeth

The deafness was originally due to bad teeth. This novelty was discovered by the Bioengineering Research Center of the Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences when cloning the hereditary opalescent dentin type II gene.

Prior to this, the State Key Laboratory of Molecular Biology for Basic Medicine of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences also successfully cloned this gene.The two academic institutions coincidentally show that with the rapid progress of human genome work, gene “positional cloning” is no longer a patent in the Western scientific community.

Chen Zhu, vice president of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, stated that Chinese scholars have undertaken 1% of the work in the interpretation of the “Genetic Book”, but reading it does not mean reading it.China has a strong advantage in understanding genetic information, because my country is rich in genetic resources, of which human genetic resources account for 20% of the global total.

It is reported that hereditary opalescent dentin is the most common oral genetic disease, with an incidence of 1/6000 to 1/8000. Due to the mineralization defect of dentin, the crown is easy to fall off, causing serious tooth wear. No medicine can cure it.

Through the analysis of 4 hereditary opalescent dentin families, it was found that several different types of mutations in the DSPP gene located on the long arm of chromosome XNUMX all caused the disease, and caused progressive high frequency in two families. deaf.

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