Canadian researchers say music can delay hearing loss

In daily life, many elderly people suffer from hearing loss.Recently, Canadian researchers preliminarily confirmed that musicians who have been “educated” by music for a long time have less hearing problems due to age.This shows that music may help “delay” hearing loss.

Researchers at the Rotman Institute of the Beckley Center in Canada selected musicians and ordinary people as research subjects, and performed listening tests such as identifying words with similar pronunciation and identifying words in noise.The comparison results show that the hearing recognition ability of musicians is significantly better than that of ordinary people. Musicians around the age of 70 have the ability to recognize speech in a noisy environment equivalent to that of an ordinary person who is about 50 years old.In other words, age-induced hearing loss has been “delayed” by musicians for about 20 years.

Dr. Benjamin, who participated in the study, said that the central processing hearing of musicians is less affected by the age factor, and as they grow older, their advantage will become more significant.

Link:      Canadian researchers say music can delay hearing loss

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