Tinnitus in autumn is more common in professionals

Mr. Li is a manager of a foreign company. Recently, he often hears “buzzing” in his ears. Although the symptoms are not severe, he feels very uncomfortable.He didn’t care at first, thinking that it would be better after two days. Unexpectedly, the annoying tinnitus became more and more obvious, which made him upset and couldn’t sleep at night, which seriously affected the quality of sleep.Mr. Li hurriedly went to the hospital and was told that his tinnitus was caused by “getting up”.

According to the doctor, tinnitus in autumn is more common in professionals. The reasons are firstly the emotional tension and anxiety caused by greater work pressure, and the resulting poor sleep; secondly, the irregular rhythm of life, such as staying up late and working overtime. Disorders of body function; the third is the habit of sitting for a long time, severe lack of exercise, lack of temperance in diet, resulting in overweight and endocrine disorders.If it is not treated in time, it will cause serious harm.

What harm does tinnitus bring?Please see the introduction below.

1. Affect mood

Long-term severe tinnitus can cause emotional changes such as upset, worry, worry, anxiety, depression and so on.Some people would rather not hear it than tinnitus, which is unbearable.Even more people think of suicide because they are told that they are “difficult to cure” and “there is no good way” when they seek medical treatment everywhere.

2. Affect hearing

Very loud tinnitus can interfere with what you are listening to, and you often hear sounds but can’t tell what others are saying.

3. Affect sleep

Tinnitus is especially loud in the dead of night, making it difficult to fall asleep.Even when I fall asleep, it is very shallow.Some people say that tinnitus can be awakened by tinnitus when sleep is not deep (tinnitus can wake up the owner just like external sounds).After waking up in the middle of the night, my tinnitus is still ringing, which makes people irritable and sleepless.

4. Affect family life

Long-term medical treatment and medication due to tinnitus can cause economic losses and even lead to huge economic pressure.If it is not understood by family members, it will affect family harmony.

5. Affect work

Because I can’t hear the speech of others, especially leaders and teachers, and I endure the tremendous pain caused by my tinnitus, but often cannot be understood by others, my work efficiency decreases and I gradually lose interest in work and study.

Reminder: For professionals who care for tinnitus, as long as they arrange a light diet, drink plenty of water, and get enough rest, the symptoms will be greatly reduced in a few days.At the same time, avoid exposure to noise and use earphones sparingly.Eat less spicy food and drink less alcohol. Drinking a lot of alcohol can aggravate tinnitus. (Source: Global Hospitals)

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