Boiling pig kidney with black beans can cure senile deafness

There are many things that give the elderly “headaches”. Many elderly people are too old and have “difficult hearing”. Often family members have to “yell” to hear them.In fact, in this situation, family members suffer, and the elderly themselves are also suffering.Over time, the elderly are prone to diseases such as autism and depression.Why do the elderly suffer from deafness?Is there any diet therapy that can treat senile deafness?

Boiling pig kidney with black beans can cure senile deafness

The main cause of presbycusis is the aging of the auditory system, followed by arteriosclerosis of the inner ear, which prevents the inner ear from getting a sufficient blood supply.In addition, it is also related to factors such as degenerative changes in the auditory center of the brain, cerebral cortex atrophy, prolonged noise stimulation, heavy drinking, smoking, high blood pressure, repeated use of ototoxic drugs and other factors.

In addition to medication under the guidance of a doctor, patients with presbycusis can also be treated with diet therapy:

1. Goji berry porridge: 15 grams of medlar, appropriate amount of rice, cooked porridge.

2. Pig kidney porridge: 2 pieces of pig kidney, 60 grams of rice, white onion.Wash pig kidneys, cut into pieces and combine with rice to make porridge, add scallions and seasonings.

3. Boiled pig kidney with black beans: 2 pieces of pig kidney, 60 grams of black beans.It is cooked thoroughly, seasoned and served with meals.

4. Lamb bone and corn porridge: appropriate amount of lamb bone, 100 grams of corn, 5 grams of tangerine peel, 3 slices of ginger.Cook porridge, season with salt and serve.

5. Pork Cornus Bugu Soup: 100 grams of lean pork, 10 grams of cornus, psoralen, and Anemarrhena, 20 grams of tortoise shell.Fry the medicine to remove the residue, add pork to cook, eat the meat and drink the soup. (Source: Deaf Network)

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