Beware of sudden deafness

Modern people are under great pressure at work, so some people will “indulge” themselves on holidays or weekends, for example, playing mahjong all night, watching movies day and night, etc.Experts warn that beware of sudden deafness caused by this.Since the Spring Festival, he has received several such patients in a row, and sometimes he can run into four or five cases a day.

Mahjong rubbed half of my ears and suddenly couldn’t hear

Mr. Guo, in his 50s, likes playing mahjong.During the Spring Festival, he never left the mahjong table for a single step except eating, drinking, sleeping, and going to the toilet.That day, he came to his friend’s house to play mahjong as usual. When he was happy to play, he suddenly felt dizzy, his left ear was a little buzzing, and then he couldn’t hear anything.At first I thought that something was blocking it, so I tried to dig my ears and pat again, but it didn’t work, so I hurried to the hospital.

Upon examination, his hearing was only 50 decibels, that is to say, he could not hear any sound below 50 decibels.A healthy human ear can hear sounds of 0 decibels or even -5 decibels.


After watching 40 episodes of TV series in two days, I can’t hear you.

The Dalian Evening News also reported a very typical case of sudden deafness on February 2:

A woman in her 40s is busy with work and has no time to watch TV dramas.A few days ago, I heard from a friend that a certain TV series was very beautiful.Last weekend, taking advantage of the weekend break, I hurried back home after work, and then began to “make up for” the TV series, even having dinner.On Friday night, Saturday, Sunday, these two days and three nights, she hardly slept and watched 40 episodes of TV series in one breath.

On the morning of Monday, February 2, the woman felt nauseous and dizzy when she got up. She wanted to open the door to work, but fell headlong in front of her house and lost her ears.Her family rushed her to the hospital, and it was found that she was suddenly deaf.

Sudden hearing loss or continuous buzzing in the ears, be sure to go to the hospital right away

Experts say that the period around the Spring Festival is a period of high incidence of sudden deafness.One has to do with the weather.Cold weather can easily cause vasoconstriction, ear ischemia, and sudden deafness.Cold weather can also easily cause colds. Some people’s sudden deafness in outpatient clinics is related to colds.After catching a cold, the virus invades the blood vessels. When the invaded blood vessels just act on the inner ear, it will block the inner ear and cause sudden deafness.Secondly, during the period around the Spring Festival, there are more opportunities to play mahjong, watch TV for a long time, sing KTV, etc. After indulging yourself too much, the body is extremely fatigued, mentally stressed, and suddenly deaf.

There are also some patients who are not inaudible all at once, but drop a little every day.Clinically, hearing loss that lasts for three days is defined as sudden deafness, which should also be taken seriously.

Otolaryngology doctors often refer to sudden deafness as “small ear strokes.” “To a certain extent, its pathology is the same as cerebral apoplexy. It is caused by the sudden contraction of blood vessels, which leads to vascular embolism. They have rapid onset and rapid progress. Treatment is like fire fighting. If you miss it, you want to complete it again. It is difficult to restore hearing. Therefore, once you have an illness, you have to go to the hospital. The sooner the better. After active and effective treatment, 80% of patients can restore hearing. Young people with mild illness will recover relatively quickly.”

Dr. Chen said that the cause of the illness of a considerable number of patients is that their lives are extremely irregular.Many patients have the experience of not sleeping for several consecutive nights.After staying up late, the blood supply is insufficient, the auditory nerve and vestibular nerve are damaged, coupled with the sudden rise in temperature in the past few days, it is easy to cause vasospasm and aggravate the insufficient blood supply.

Sudden deafness is a symptom. When you continue to stay up late, get physically tired, mentally stressed, and develop dizziness, tinnitus, nausea, vomiting, etc., you must rest immediately or go to the otolaryngology department. Is it a sign of sudden deafness? (According to City Express reporter Ge Dandi, correspondent Fang Xu)

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