The economic crisis affects the use of hearing aids

News from the birthplace of the US technology bubble economy shows that in the current economic downturn, people are trying their best to reduce spending, reduce dining out, or stay at home instead of going out on holiday.This cost-saving consequence directly affects patients with hearing loss. At this time, they are forced to abandon the treatment plan recommended by the doctor, such as usingHearing aid.

Dr. Allen Sen, Director of Audiology and Hearing Aid Fitting of the House Clinic of the famous American Institute of Otology, said, “Patients come here for hearing tests, but when the test results show severe hearing loss, they need to wear them.Hearing aid, The patient decided not to choose a hearing aid for the time being. “

Hearing experts from the House Ear Institute (HEI) and House Clinic in the United States suggest that patients with hearing impairment should think twice when they decide not to respect the doctor’s advice and wear hearing aids to save money.Today’s hearing aids have a positive impact on the quality of life of hearing-impaired patients, including their work performance, and the patient’s benefit is usually much greater than the initial investment.

Many patients don’t understand that hearing aid technology has made great progress in the past ten years, the quality of hearing aids has been greatly improved, and the range of patients’ choices has also been greatly expanded.

Now, some digital hearing aids have background noise reduction performance, directional microphones, and multiple memory settings for different environments.Some hearing aids also come with a remote control.

“Today’s hearing aids are different from those used by grandparents in people’s memory.” Sen said. “Using hearing aids is not embarrassing. Many hearing aids are cleverly designed to be almost invisible to others when they are worn, so that patients will not feel so embarrassed.”

If hearing aids are not worn, hearing loss will have a negative impact on the quality of life of the patient.Over time, patients may find that they do not want to go out and stay with friends because they find it difficult to talk to people.

A 2007 study by the Better Hearing Institute in the United States showed that untreated hearing loss can reduce family income by US$50 per year.However, the study also found that the use of hearing aids can save XNUMX% of the economic loss.

“Unfortunately, if the hearing loss is left untreated, the patient will feel isolated by family and friends,” said Dr. Jose Fayade, a neurotologist and HEI researcher at House Clinic. “We see that patients are happier after wearing hearing aids. Because they can hear, they perform better at work than before and can participate in social activities again.”

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