Scientific and reasonable diet delays hearing loss

Hearing Aids Made in ChinaAccording to experts, our body’s own functions will decline year by year with age. This is an unavoidable phenomenon. As a part of the human body, the ears naturally cannot escape this law.It’s just that because of individual differences and different living habits, some people start to lose their hearing when they are about 40 years old, and some are still hearing and seeing when they are 90 years old.After research, it is found that scientific health preservation can delay the occurrence of hearing loss.Let’s learn about life knowledge in hearing health care with Chinese-made hearing aids:


XNUMX. Maintain optimism:When a person is emotional, the secretion of adrenaline will increase, causing spasm in the small arteries of the inner ear, and the blood flow in the small blood vessels is slow, which can lead to blood circulation, insufficient oxygen supply in the inner ear, and sudden deafness.


XNUMX. Adjust the diet structure:In daily life, you should eat more foods rich in zinc, iron, and calcium, which can effectively expand the capillaries, thereby promoting blood supply to the inner ear and preventing hearing loss.

Choose more iron-rich foods


1. Pay attention to the supplement of iron.


It can effectively prevent and delay the occurrence of tinnitus and deafness in the elderly. People over 45 years old should pay attention to iron supplementation.Iron-rich foods mainly include seaweed, shrimp skin, jellyfish skin, black fungus, black beans, black sesame seeds, coriander, day lily and so on.


2. Supplement more zinc-rich foods


Although the content of zinc in the body is small, its effect is great.Studies have shown that nearly one-third of elderly people suffering from tinnitus and deafness are deficient in zinc. People over 1 years old must ensure that they consume 3 mg of zinc every day to maintain the balance of zinc in the body.Foods rich in zinc include animal liver, whole grains, nuts, eggs, sea cucumbers, oysters and so on.


3. Pay attention to supplementing foods rich in vitamins


Vitamin C and Vitamin E can increase the dismutase of the human body, promote the use of oxygen, improve peripheral blood flow, and protect the inner ear.Vitamin D can promote the body’s absorption of calcium. Medical research has found that many elderly people suffering from tinnitus are closely related to the lack of calcium in the blood.Such elements are mainly contained in animal liver, eggs, mushrooms, and white fungus.


Hearing aids made in China reminded: the elderly should also pay attention to eating some foods that promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis and expand blood vessels, which will help improve blood viscosity and make the capillaries of the ears unobstructed.To change bad habits, quit smoking and limit alcohol, do not play cards all night long, and do not eat too salty and sweet food.


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