Otolithia, a strange disease you don’t know

In life, when we experience dizziness, we often consider whether we have cervical spondylosis or insufficient blood supply to the brain.Hearing Aids Made in ChinaExperts say that, in fact, dizziness caused by real cerebrovascular diseases accounts for only a small part.When lying on the bed, turning around or lowering your head and raising your head, the world will revolve, and the duration will be short. When this symptom recurs after changing the position, you should consider whether you have otolithiasis. “Otolithiasis” is a miraculous disease.Why is he magical? There are several reasons:


one,             The symptoms are magical.


The onset of this disease is violent, but it disappears quickly.Not at the inducing position, and then the symptoms disappeared.The main manifestation of otolithiasis is: short-term rotational vertigo when the patient’s head rotates to a certain position, and the duration does not exceed one minute.The most common is when sitting up from bed, lying down, turning around, bending over, and raising your head.


two,             The treatment is magical.


The treatment of otoliths is mainly the application of otolith reduction.This method does not require injections and medications. It can cure otoliths by just turning the patient’s body and head. It is a miracle.Patients will think that they have cured their long-term painful disease with a fairy-like method.


In fact, although many patients think “otolithiasis” is very miraculous, in fact it is a very common disease.But it turns out that neither the patient nor some medical workers have a deep understanding of it, which makes it feel magical.


So what is the cause of otolithiasis? According to Chinese hearing aid experts, the etiology of otolithiasis is related to the loss of otoliths in the vestibular system.The cause of otolith shedding is not clear, but may be related to factors such as old age, insufficient blood supply to the inner ear, head vibration, and otitis media.The human inner ear has two functions that are responsible for hearing and maintaining balance.There are plaques on the utricles and balloons in the inner ear, and the surface is inlaid with many diamond-like calcium carbonate crystals, commonly known as otoliths.When certain factors cause the otolith to fall off, it will float in the inner ear like dust.If it drifts into the semicircular canal, it will affect the body’s balance function and cause dizziness.


 The diagnosis of “otolithiasis” is very simple. The most common posterior semicircular canal “otolithiasis” can be diagnosed by Dix-Hallpike experiment.The method is very simple, you can operate it yourself.You can sit on the bed with your head 45 degrees on one side, and then lie down quickly with your head hanging out of the head of the bed. At this time, if you experience severe dizziness.Then you are “otolithiasis”.


Experts pointed out that the pathological factors that cause otoliths to fall off include inflammation, trauma, natural aging of the human body, ischemia and hypoxia, etc., which can affect the utricle, and the degeneration of the otolith membrane can cause the otoliths to fall off.At present, how to prevent the occurrence and recurrence of otoliths is still in the experience stage, and there is still a lot of work to be done in the future.


A warm reminder for hearing aids made in China: In life, from the perspective of prevention, generally speaking, we should avoid external impact on the head, avoid infection, enhance physical fitness, and actively control cardiovascular and cerebrovascular risk factors.


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