How to prevent neurological tinnitus?

Neurotic tinnitus is currently one of the problems in the medical field in the world. Neurotic tinnitus refers to the abnormal sound sensation caused by auditory dysfunction caused by the damage of the ear nerve and the disease of the ear nerve group (ear vein).Hearing Aids Made in ChinaAccording to experts, there is no specific medicine for neurogenic tinnitus. Many treatment options can only improve the symptoms, and the possibility of a complete cure is unlikely.Therefore, in order to prevent neurological tinnitus, we should pay attention to the following matters in our lives:


1. Avoid or use ototoxic drugs cautiously, smoke less and drink less alcohol.


2. Have an optimistic and open-minded attitude towards life.Once you have tinnitus, don’t be overly nervous. While cooperating with the treatment, you can cultivate some interest to adjust your rhythm of life and distract yourself from tinnitus.


3. The daily routine should be regular and remember to keep adequate sleep.Because there is a close relationship between insomnia and tinnitus, tinnitus can affect sleep, and lack of sleep can aggravate tinnitus, forming a vicious circle.


4. Avoid staying for a long time in a high-decibel noise environment, but don’t stay in an overly quiet environment, because most tinnitus is more obvious in a quiet environment.If the environment is so quiet that tinnitus is annoying, you can make some background sounds with appropriate volume to distract attention, such as listening to music and watching TV.


5. The causes of tinnitus are more complicated. The severity of the condition is closely related to the individual’s psychological state. It is generally stubborn, and some lasts for several years or decades.Therefore, it is necessary to have perseverance and confidence in the process of cooperating with the treatment, and to be psychologically prepared for long-term treatment.


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