What is the relationship between hearing aids and ear inflammation?

1. Can I wear hearing aids if my ears are inflamed?


If the ears are suffering from symptoms now, or are draining pus,China Hearing Aid Organs NetworkIt is recommended not to wear it at this timeHearing aid.Because at this time, keeping the ear ventilated will help the recovery of inflammation.At the same time, if you wear a hearing aid at this time, one is unfavorable inflammation, and the other is that pus may penetrate into the hearing aid and corrodeHearing aid.Therefore, it is recommended not to wear a hearing aid at this time, and to wear it after the inflammation is over.


2. Will wearing hearing aids cause ear inflammation?


According to the China Hearing Aid Network, in general, wearing hearing aids will not cause ear inflammation, but when the patient is in an unhealthy state such as a cold or poor body resistance, the environment in the ear canal changes after wearing the hearing aid. Sometimes it will cause ear inflammation. At this time, we don’t need to worry. We should remove the hearing aid and continue using it after the inflammation is completely cured. Very few users have sensitive ear canal skin and are allergic to hearing aid materials. At this time, you can apply for the manufacturer to apply a coating on the outer shell. Layer of antibacterial material, while appropriately reducing the wearing time.


If the patient has otitis media, it is recommended to choose back-of-the-ear hearing aids as much as possible. Try not to wear hearing aids when otitis media is in inflammation, so as not to aggravate the inflammation or cause pus and water to cause damage to the hearing aids.Wear a hearing aid after the inflammation subsides.


If you wear a customized machine, pay attention to whether the casing of the machine is suitable. If the casing is not suitable, it may cause the ear canal wall to wear and cause the ear canal to become irritated.


A warm reminder from China Hearing Aid Network: You should always wear hearing aids and keep your ear canal clean. Use a cotton swab to clean your ear canal every morning before putting on your hearing aids. Hearing aids should be cleaned regularly.


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