What are the secrets between ear color and health?

People’s health can be seen from various aspects, such as eyes, nose, face, ears, etc.Do you know the health secrets of ear color? TodayHearing Aids Made in ChinaThe editor will introduce you to ears and health related knowledge.


Chinese medicine believes that the ear is governed by the kidney, the kidney opens to the ear, and the heart qi flows through the ear.The ear is the place where the veins gather. The stomach, bladder, triple energizer, gall bladder meridian and other meridians flow through the ear, and their symptoms are reflected in the ear. Therefore, ear examination has become an important part of the diagnostic system of Chinese medicine.


According to a Chinese hearing aid expert, traditional medicine refers to the ear as a miniature human body. Every tissue and organ of the human body can find corresponding acupuncture points on the ear. When these tissues and organs are diseased, these acupuncture points will inevitably change accordingly. The ear can be broken, and the ear can tell people many signs of disease.The normal color of the ears is yellowish and ruddy, which is roughly the same as the facial complexion. If the color is abnormal, it may be caused by a certain disease.




The earlobe often flushes and is a bloody physique. After the cold, the earlobe becomes purple, even swelling, ulcers, and prone to crusting. This is a manifestation of excess sugar in the body and is prone to diabetes.


The color of the ears becomes darker, bright red or dark red, and it is a fever, such as various acute fevers.If it is accompanied by redness, swelling and pain, it is due to liver and gallbladder fever, or fire poison upswing, which can be seen in ear inflammation, boil swelling, eczema or otitis media.


The local area of ​​the ear is spotted, flaky or irregularly rosy. If the color is bright red, it is more common in acute diseases and painful diseases; if the color is dark red or light red, it is more common in the recovery period of the disease or the disease with a long medical history.



Two, white


The ears are pale and bloodless, with cold syndrome and deficiency syndrome.It can be seen in wind-cold, or internal injury of internal organs caused by cold pathogens, or deficiency of qi and blood, or deficiency of kidney qi.It is more common in patients with anemia, blood loss and chronic wasting disease.


According to Chinese hearing aid experts, there are more than 260 acupuncture points on the ears, which are related to the internal organs.Maintaining ears can make your whole body healthy.Rubbing the earlobe is equivalent to rubbing the head, putting your fingers on the earlobe, and rubbing it in the way you feel comfortable until the ears become warm, which can help the brain and improve the eyesight. It can also treat headaches, dizziness, neurasthenia, tinnitus, etc. .Because it is simple and easy to do, you can rub your earlobes while watching TV. If you are tired from working in the office and your eyes are sore, you can also massage it yourself for 3-5 minutes each time.


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