Protect your hearing and refuse to listen to high-volume songs

Hearing Aids Made in ChinaAccording to experts, many young people like to listen to MP3 for a long time, and often turn up the volume unconsciously, causing chronic damage to hearing.At the same time, due to the aging population, the problem of hearing loss in the elderly has become more common.


Initially difficult to detect occupational deafness


If the working environment is higher than XNUMX decibels, hearing will be gradually impaired.Most employees at construction sites, bars, entertainment venues, and mahjong halls are at high risk of occupational deafness.Occupational deafness is not easy to detect at the initial stage, until the cells become more damaged, a series of symptoms appear, including unclear hearing when talking with people, tinnitus, other people discovering that the patient is speaking loudly, and unconsciously turning up the TV volume.The best prevention method is to avoid being in a high-noise environment, to use earplugs correctly, to test hearing regularly and to treat as soon as possible, and to choose a suitable hearing aid when needed.


Thirty percent of the young people interviewed like to listen to music anytime, anywhere


Nowadays, young people like to listen to music anytime, anywhere, but a recent survey found that 3% of the young people interviewed have worsened their hearing after using MPXNUMX players to listen to music; one in five respondents even reported tinnitus after listening to music.Hearing aid experts made in China pointed out that if the ear is exposed to high noise for a long time, it is easy to cause premature hearing loss.


The easiest way to catch a ride and listen to a song


Many citizens like to listen to music for self-entertainment when taking transportation, but this may fall into the trap of hearing loss by mistake.When taking transportation, especially the subway, due to the high environmental noise and the common earphones are prone to leaking sound, everyone unconsciously adjusts the volume more and more loudly, and ears are affected by noise for a long time, which may cause temporary or permanent damage.Hearing loss.


In fact, in addition to listening to music at high volume for a long time can damage your hearing, improper handling of ear diseases can also damage your hearing.If you experience ear discomfort, such as itching, redness, or earache, you should consult a doctor immediately. You should not deal with it yourself, otherwise it will only worsen the situation.Chinese-made hearing aids recommend that citizens have their ears tested regularly to learn about their hearing conditions.


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