Easily lead hearing-impaired children to learn listening and speaking effectively from life

Hearing Aids Made in ChinaExperts say that when the child quack falls, he has already participated in our daily life, and we have also begun to guide and lead the child to explore and learn in life.Just as the education master Dewey put forward the concept of “life is education; education is life”, it is not only necessary to focus on actual life experience, but also to let children know the world step by step in daily life.


The mother took the cup and said to the baby: “Baby, I’m thirsty, I want to drink water.”


The mother took the bowl and spoon and said to the baby: “The baby is hungry and wants to eat.”


Hearing aid experts in China say that from the simple daily conversations above as an example, continuous conversations with children in real life situations are important daily teaching topics for parents of hearing-impaired children, and they are also the content closest to their children’s learning needs.Taking materials from life and applying them to life is precisely the “in a meaningful life situation” advocated by the oral oral teaching method to guide children to learn to listen to sounds and learn to speak.


Chinese hearing aid experts say that in order to cultivate hearing-impaired children with good basic listening and speaking abilities, and to flexibly apply listening and speaking communication models in natural life situations, auditory oral teachers will pay attention to the individual abilities and interests of hearing-impaired children. Design clear and specific teaching goals and provide diversified teaching activities to induce hearing-impaired children to learn actively and improve their listening skills.Hearing and speaking teachers will also teach parents to help children integrate listening and speaking into every aspect of their children’s lives.


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