What should I do if I have hyperacusis?

“I have no problem with my hearing. I am so afraid of loud sounds. Will the sound be loud during the examination? I can’t stand it.” This isHearing Aids Made in ChinaQuestions that experts occasionally hear.Hearing is okay. People around don’t think the sound is very loud, but some people feel that the “magic sound pierces the brain” and “deafening”, as if the volume of all the sounds in the world have been adjusted to the loudest, and the ears and head are fast. Exploded.Even the sound of reading newspapers, the sound of running water from the faucet in the kitchen sink, the sound of placing stainless steel utensils in the sink, the sound of washing machines and refrigerators, the crying of babies, even the sound of dishes hitting the tabletop, etc. It would make him unbearable, and the high-pitched sounds such as doorbells, phone calls, and car emergency brakes made him (her) crazy!Therefore, patients with severe auditory hypersensitivity must wear earplugs even when brushing their teeth and washing their face. They walk on tiptoe and may have to live in isolation. Even if they move to the top of a mountain or the edge of the sea, they will feel the breeze blowing, insects and birds. The screams or the sound of rolling waves are too annoying!In the end, he was confined to the airtight windows, curtains, and earplugs, unable to get out of the “secret room”, which affected his social life and career development!


What is hyperacusis?


Hearing aid experts in China say that allergic hearing means that there is no way to tolerate the sounds of ordinary daily life. It can also be said that normal people do not sound loud sounds, but people with hearing allergies cannot tolerate them, and even feel that their ears will pain.Usually the most painful sounds for people with hypersensitivity are sudden high-pitched noises such as sirens, emergency brakes, children’s screams, and clapping.Sometimes, people with hearing allergies are so severe that they begin to avoid any public and social activities to protect their ears.Hearing hypersensitivity can be sudden, such as attending a heavy metal concert or head-shaking party, shooting, car airbag blasting, fireworks show or buzzer; or it can form slowly, such as long-term exposure to noise environment.Some patients may have this condition in only one ear at the beginning, but after a while, most of them have almost both ears.There are different degrees of difference: mild, moderate, and severe.And among people with hyperacusis, about 90% have annoying tinnitus, but noneHearing loss.Approximately 5 in every 1 people will have hearing allergies, but every 1 people with tinnitus will have hearing allergies.Both adults and children may occur.Hearing hypersensitivity is not life-threatening, but it is enough



What should I do when I have hyperacusis?


Don’t speak loudly, “quiet and silent” is definitely not a good thing!

Once you have hyperacusis, will your ability to tolerate sound increase or decrease over time?The key factor is whether it is continuously exposed to high-pitched noise.Chinese hearing aid experts say that for patients who have just had hearing allergies, appropriate intervention should be given immediately.Most people will instinctively plug their ears and hide when they encounter huge sounds such as sudden firecrackers and explosions.Of course, avoid exposure to high-pitched noise as much as possible, and it is necessary to wear earplugs or earmuffs at the right time.However, patients with hyperacusis often wear earplugs or earmuffs all the time to reduce the external sound even if they are the sounds of ordinary daily life. In the long run, this will not only improve the symptoms of hypersensitivity, but will also cause further deterioration. Because earplugs or earmuffs will make the central auditory system increase its gain value, it will make it more sensitive to hearing hypersensitivity, forming a vicious circle.Chinese hearing aid experts say that as of now, no medicine or surgery can cure hearing allergies.Nowadays, the “tinnitus desensitization therapy” recommended by otolaryngologists at home and abroad is more effective in relieving this symptom.And it is recommended that patients use tinnitus masking functionHearing aid, By increasing the tolerance for sound.Although this method cannot be completely cured, it will gradually improve.


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