Silver-haired people can go out happily to regain their sense of hearing and life. The second spring

Hearing Aids Made in ChinaExperts said that with the aging of the population structure, the elderly population is increasing. When they are ready to enjoy the retirement life, they begin to face hearing loss, which leads to problems in the quality of interpersonal communication and unable to face the new stage of life healthily.


The initial symptoms of hearing loss in the elderly are mostly the phenomenon of being unable to hear the sound from the phone, often requiring others to repeat the conversation or not understanding the content of the news.


Senile hearing loss is divided into two types:


XNUMX. Degeneration of the peripheral auditory system (meaning degeneration of the auditory organs and auditory nerves);

XNUMX. The central auditory part, that is, the degradation of cognitive memory.In view of the deterioration of the peripheral auditory system, as long as you wear a suitableHearing aid, You can get improvement, you can hear the sound clearly, and it can also help reduce the problem of central auditory degeneration.


In addition, the elderly are more likely to act, respond slowly, and have poor hearing, which are more likely to endanger the personal safety of the elderly. For example, the water can not hear the warning sound of the kettle when the water is boiling, and the fire alarm ringing but do not know… etc., it is very easy to cause danger.Hearing aids made in China reminded: Family members should pay more attention to the hearing conditions of the elderly on weekdays, and if problems are found, they should immediately choose appropriate hearing aids; middle-aged and elderly people over 50 should have a comprehensive hearing check every year.


Chinese-made hearing aids believe that wearing hearing aids is like wearing presbyopic glasses. With its help, silver-haired people can go out happily and regain their sense of hearing and life.


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