Does coffee increase the risk of deafness?

Coffee can help refresh or relieve headaches.However, a new study shows that coffee can have a devastating effect on your hearing.

According to a study by McGill University, daily coffee intake will prevent the ears from recovering from temporary hearing loss. The ears usually recover within 72 hours after being exposed to construction noise, high-volume music or airplane noise.Then, McGill experts reminded that regular coffee intake will hinder hearing recovery and even cause permanent damage.

Dr. Faisal Zawawi, an otolaryngologist and member of the McGill Institute of Hearing Science, said: “Our research confirms that exposure to strong auditory stimulation and a daily intake of 25mg/kg caffeine has a significant negative impact on hearing recovery.” When the ear is exposed to high-volume noise, it will cause temporary hearing loss in the ear, also known as:|Temporary hearing threshold shift.This condition is usually reversible within 72 hours after exposure, but if the symptoms persist, it will cause permanent damage.

Dr. Zawawi’s team conducted experiments on animals. They exposed the animals to 110 decibels (equivalent to the noise of a concert) for 1 hour.Half of the animals consumed caffeine every day, while the other half did not.

After the end of the first day, there was no significant difference in hearing recovery between the two groups. However, in the test eight days later, the caffeine intake group showed significant hearing impairment compared to the non-caffeine intake group.made in ChinaHearing aid

Caffeine intake is recommended not to exceed 3mg/kg per day, but many beverages widely exceed the target: each can contains more than 200mg.

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