Does allergic rhinitis affect human hearing?

Does allergic rhinitis affect human hearing?Let the Chinese-made hearing aid experts analyze in detail for you:


Patients with polyallergic rhinitis generally have a history of many years, and repeated aging is not cured, which makes people discouraged and helpless.Rhinitis seems to be a minor problem. In fact, there is a big article. Since the site of the disease is adjacent to the eustachian tube pharyngeal opening, if it is not treated in time, it is likely to cause hearing impairment.In fact, it was because the initial onset did not attract enough attention. When the hearing, throat and other organs were affected, the doctor had missed the best time for treatment.


Hearing aid experts in China say that when you blow your nose when you have a cold or allergic rhinitis, you will feel your ears “buzzing”. Actually, the airflow is rushed into the middle ear from the Eustachian tube. When the air pressure is balanced, your hearing will return to normal. .When rhinitis worsens and frequently attacks, the eustachian tube will have persistent dysfunction, causing negative pressure in the middle ear cavity, and the serum in the capillaries in the middle ear cavity will then leak out into the middle ear cavity, causing secretory otitis media.


According to Chinese hearing aid experts, when ear stuffiness often occurs and does not heal for a long time, one should consider the possibility of rhinitis and nasopharyngeal disease, and go to the otolaryngology department of a regular hospital.Depending on the condition, the treatment methods also include tympanic membrane massage, eustachian tube expansion, and nasal mucosal convergence. Patients with bacterial infections should also be treated with regular antibiotics.

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