Research shows that cervical spondylosis can cause sudden deafness

Long-term soreness in the neck may indicate deafness.Cervical spondylosis causes deafness. On the surface, it seems very unlikely, but the principle of the disease is very simple.underHearing Aids Made in ChinaWill introduce you in detail:

The ear is supplied with blood from a branch of the vertebral artery on both sides of the cervical spine. When the cervical spine has problems, such as scoliosis, the vertebral artery will be affected, resulting in insufficient blood supply to the blood vessels allocated to the ear, which will lead to tinnitus and suddenness Deafness etc.


At the same time, if the cervical facet joints are misaligned, it will also stimulate and compress the vertebral artery, reflexively causing vertebral artery spasm, reducing the blood flow of the internal auditory artery, and inducing sudden deafness.


Chinese hearing aid experts say that due to poor lifestyles, more and more young people have cervical spine problems, which causes a series of hearing problems such as tinnitus and sudden deafness.Nowadays, students are under great pressure to study. They spend a long time sitting and studying with their heads down every day. If the sitting posture is not correct, cervical spine problems are prone to cause ear problems.


Chinese-made hearing aid reminder: The earlier the treatment of sudden deafness, the better the effect.Seek medical attention within one week after the onset of illness. Treatment by methods such as nourishing the nerves, improving microcirculation, using drugs that dilate blood vessels, and injecting drugs into the ear tympanum, approximately 80% of patients can recover their hearing.If treatment is carried out two weeks after the onset, the effect will be worse.It is best for patients with cervical spondylosis to sleep on their backs, and the height of the pillow should be as high as a person’s fist.When it is cold, you can apply a hot water bottle to your neck, which will help to improve blood circulation in the cervical spine.

Link:      Research shows that cervical spondylosis can cause sudden deafness

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