33 Ai Er’s Prevention and Treatment of Deafness

XNUMX. Infant Hearing Screening

There are about 2 to 6 new children with congenital hearing loss in my country every year, and more than half of the deaf children can be prevented.Early detection and early intervention of hearing loss can make hearing loss children approach and reach the level of speech development of normal children of the same age as much as possible.

XNUMX. Children’s Hearing Care

Parents should also pay attention to children’s language development (such as incorrect pronunciation), learning performance (such as not responding to teacher’s questions), and daily life habits (such as setting the TV volume to a high level or habitually using a single ear), etc. If in doubt, you can be referred to an ear, nose and throat specialist for examination by your family doctor.

XNUMX. How to prevent deafness in the three stages of children

1. Fetal period

Hearing health care should start during pregnancy. For example, during the prenatal period, the mother generally should not receive vaccinations, and the abdomen should not be irradiated with radiation to prevent the mother from suffering from viral infections. Once the infection is encountered, timely treatment should be given.

2. Neonatal period

The prevention of neonatal deafness should begin in the perinatal period. During this period, not only can it cause qualitative damage to the auditory central nervous system, but also can cause damage to the inner ear hair cells.Especially when premature labor is induced by trauma or hypoxia for various reasons, neonatal jaundice can easily cause sensorineural deafness.Therefore, early prevention and timely treatment of these diseases is an important part of preventing deafness.

3. Childhood

Infectious deafness is a common and frequently-occurring disease in infants and young children. Among them, conductive deafness caused by exudative otitis media in children and sensorineural deafness caused by diseases such as mumps and high fever are the most common.Early childhood deafness is often difficult to find, especially during the infection period when antibiotics such as aminoglycosides, penicillin, gentamicin, etc. are often used for treatment, deafness is more likely to occur.Therefore, to prevent infection, scientific medication is an important measure to prevent deafness.

Four, adult deaf prevention and treatment instructions

1. Degree of hearing loss

According to international standards, the degree of hearing loss is divided into the following categories (decibel, or dB):

 Threshold communication ability, normal hearing, -10 to 25 decibels, clear analysis of general voice and language.

 mildHearing loss 26-40 decibels, it is difficult to distinguish small sounds, such as the sound of wind blowing in the woods.

 Moderate hearing loss 41 to 55 decibels, hearing difficulties with daily language, and feeling blurred when talking with others

 Moderate to severe hearing loss is 71 to 90 decibels. For loud conversations, car sounds are still blurred, and hearing aids are more helpful.

 Severe hearing loss is more than 90 decibels, for shouts and loud sounds, such as car horns.The drums reacted.

 Very severe hearing loss is usually extremely difficult to feel the presence of sound

2. Types of hearing loss:

At present, hearing loss can be roughly divided into three types:

 Conductive hearing loss

 Sensorineural hearing loss

 Mixed hearing loss (both conductive and sensorineural hearing loss)

3. Several reasons for hearing loss in adults:

1) The external auditory meatus is blocked

Some people secrete too much earwax, which can easily cause blockage of the external auditory canal. In this case, the earwax can be removed to restore hearing.

2) Ear inflammation

Otitis media is one of the symptoms that cause hearing loss. Frequent water in the ears and long-term colds can all contribute to the occurrence of middle ear inflammation.Once the ear has water or pus, you should go to the hospital for treatment immediately.

3) Long-term exposure to noise

Because of their occupations, some people have been exposed to very noisy environments (such as construction sites, airports, casting shops, etc.) for a long time, causing hearing loss.The way to prevent deafness is to wear special ear protectors.

4) With age

As we age, various functions of the human body decline, and hearing is no exception.At present, we have entered the “ageing” stage, the number of elderly deaf patients is increasing, and it is urgent to solve this problem.Moreover, the hearing loss of the elderly is basically sensorineural hearing loss, so it cannot be cured, and the treatment effect is not very good.Therefore, wearing a hearing aid is the best way to help the elderly restore certain hearing.

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