Popular Science: Noise-induced Hearing Loss in Teenagers

A group of young people were chatting in the street when a phone rang suddenly. Everyone was looking at their mobile phones. Only the real owner continued to speak on his own, until someone reminded him that the phone was ringing.carefully!He may already be noisy at this timeHearing loss.

according toHearing Aids Made in ChinaUnderstand, the American Journal of Pediatric Medicine published an eight-year study on more than 12.5 adolescents between the ages of six and nineteen, showing that among them, as many as XNUMX
% Of adolescents have noise-induced hearing threshold changes (NITS) in their hearing tests.This change means that they have been exposed to excessive noise that is harmful to hearing at least once. Some of the changes are temporary, but some may be permanent.This study also found that there are 4.9
Of teenagers have moderate to severe permanent hearing impairment.This provides a big signal to young parents-noise-induced hearing loss is not just an adult’s patent.In recent years, social progress and changes in lifestyles have given children and adolescents more opportunities to be exposed to excessive noise and unconsciously-electric playgrounds, KTV, PUB, computer games, headphones and firecrackers, etc.These are completely different from the noise that causes occupational injuries, such as factories, siren, explosives, airports, shooting ranges, etc., but they make people ignore the impact of these noises and neglect the importance of noise protection.


Chinese hearing aid experts say that although there are no reports showing that children’s inner ears are weaker in structure and more susceptible to noise, in fact, noise damage to inner ears is a cumulative result.The sooner the inner ear is damaged, the more likely it is that hearing impairment will affect the quality of life in the future.Personal clinical experience has also found that in addition to the hearing impairment of middle-aged and elderly people due to long-term occupational noise exposure, more and more young people have typical noise-induced hearing impairment.The most frightening thing is that this kind of noise-induced hearing impairment has very mild symptoms in the early stages, and sometimes it may just be subtle tinnitus and blurred hearing.If you ignore these signals and continue to be exposed to noise, once permanent damage to the inner ear is formed, it cannot return to normal. In severe cases, you may even wear Chinese products.Hearing aid, In order to maintain normal communication and life.This is an injury that can be prevented but cannot be cured.Therefore, the problem of young people’s noise and hearing damage and prevention is an urgent issue.

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