Beware of children’s hearing loss, pay attention to these 7 signals

Children must protect their hearing when they are young. Don’t be careless. Otherwise, waiting for hearing loss before treatment will cost money and time, and in serious cases, it will have a lifetime impact on the child.Hearing Aids Made in ChinaRemind parents that they should pay attention to these signals:


1. When talking with children, children often ask “what” or “you say it again”, or show a state of not hearing clearly.


2. When the child says “the ears are stuffy” or “there are bugs”, it is probably because the child has too much earwax and the external auditory canal is blocked.


3. When the child talks with others, his eyes are fixed on the speaker’s mouth. This is a kind of “lip-reading” characteristic of people with impaired hearing.


4. Inaccurate pronunciation and unclear speech, especially when the child has obvious language development delay, the Chinese hearing aid reminds parents to pay attention to whether it is a hearing abnormality.To rule out whether the child can’t hear one ear, parents can do a simple experiment: cover one of the child’s ears, and the adult yells by the side, and then alternate.


5. When calling the child, the child is unresponsive or unresponsive, and the child has a poor ability to discriminate the location of the sound source.For example, when the child calls him on the right, he cannot accurately turn his head or body to the calling person’s position, but in the opposite or other direction.


6. Inability to concentrate during class, and often answer the questions raised by teachers.


7. When watching TV, be close to the TV, or like to turn on the sound of the TV very loudly.


A warm reminder for hearing aids made in China: Because children have difficulty in expression, it is not easy to detect and diagnose early otitis media in children. Therefore, in daily life, parents should pay attention to their children’s usual performance.For infants under the age of two, an ear examination should be done every 2 to 3 months; for children over 2 years of age, an ear examination should be done about half a year.

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