These actions will hurt your child’s ears. Have you ever done so?

The child’s ears are the same as the eyes, and both require the care of the parents.A careless parent may damage the child’s hearing for life.So, what should parents pay attention to?Hearing aids made in China will explain in detail for you:


1. Don’t pick your child’s ears frequently

Many parents are happy to “help” their children dig out their ears.However, the skin of the child’s external auditory canal is very delicate, closely connected to the perichondrium, less subcutaneous tissue, and poor blood circulation. It is also difficult for parents to grasp the strength during the entire ear-picking process, which can easily damage the child’s ear.


2. Don’t pinch both noses to blow your child’s nose

When some parents blow their noses to their children, they are used to pinching both sides of his nose with two fingers and let him blow his nose out.This method of blowing your nose not only cannot completely blow your nose, but it is also very dangerous. The nose contains a lot of viruses and bacteria. If both nostrils are pinched and blown hard, the nose may be squeezed from the back of the nose under pressure. Out and reach the Eustachian tube, causing otitis media.Excessive force can also damage the tympanic membrane.

3. Use ototoxic antibiotics with caution

Ototoxic antibiotics (such as streptomycin, kanamycin, gentamicin) refer to drugs that may cause structural damage to the inner ear, which can cause temporary or permanent hearing loss.The use of ototoxic antibiotics has become an important cause of hearing loss in children in our country.

4. Don’t slap your child on the face

The child’s eardrums are delicate and may be damaged and perforated under high pressure impact.After the eardrum is perforated, bacteria and foreign objects from the outside can easily enter the ear and cause infection and pus.


5. Don’t let children lie down and drink milk

When mothers are breastfeeding, pay attention to avoiding the lying position of the child.Your child’s stomach is level. Drinking milk on your back can easily cause coughing. Milk may flow into the ears through the Eustachian tube and cause ear infections.


6. Other matters needing attention

The explosion of firecrackers can cause hearing loss. When someone sets off firecrackers, tell your child to stand far away and cover your child’s ears with your hands. When swimming, children should pay attention to the protection of their ears. Once water enters the ears, use a cotton swab to clean them up. If there is inflammation, please consult a doctor in time to avoid causing ear infections and damaging your hearing.

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