7 cold knowledge about ears

There is a lot of unpopular knowledge about ears!It looks incredible at first glance, but it turns out to be true…

XNUMX. Humans are gradually evolved from animals.Humans, like animals, have an auricular muscle behind the ear, which can move under the control of nerves.It’s just that some people’s ear-moving muscles degenerate and their ears won’t move; while some people’s ear-moving muscles don’t degenerate, so their ears can move.Will your ears move?


Second, the ears hear the wrong sound, which may be affected by the eyes.Under certain circumstances, if what you see is different from what you hear, the brain may completely ignore what the ear hears, and trust the sound (such as mouth shape) that the eye sees more.


XNUMX. If you turn on the earphone sound in the subway to a volume that you can hear clearly, it will cause great damage to your hearing, and even cause irreversible damage.Hearing loss.


6. The ears of blind friends have “superpowers”. We can speak up to 25 syllables per second when we speak quickly, and blind people can (easily) hear XNUMX syllables per second clearly.


30000. Our inner ear is about the same size as the eraser on a pencil, but there are about 40000-XNUMX hair cells on it.


XNUMX. If the ear has undergone surgery or has ear disease, you will not be able to taste some of the smell.Because the tympanic nerve that connects the taste buds and the brain just passes through the middle ear, it can help the taste signal to be smoothly transmitted to the brain.

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