Frequent digging of ears can cause hearing loss

In life, we often see that some people like to take things like matchsticks and hairpins to dig their ears when they are fine.made in ChinaHearing aidAccording to the optician, this can cause inflammation of the ear canal in the least, and can cause hearing loss or even loss in the worst case.


Because the skin of the external auditory meatus of the human body is relatively thin, the connection with the perichondrium is relatively tight, the subcutaneous tissue is less, and the blood circulation is poor.Earwax is the secretion of the cerumen gland of the external auditory canal, which has a certain protective effect on the skin of the external auditory canal. However, too much cerumen can block the external auditory canal, affect hearing, and sometimes irritate the external auditory canal and make the auditory canal itchy.Therefore, excessive earwax can be taken out.However, if the ear is pulled out improperly, it is easy to cause the external auditory canal injury and infection, resulting in boils, causing ear pain, and severe cases can cause hearing loss.


According to a hearing aid professional made in China, often digging out your ears can also swell the stratum corneum of the skin of the external auditory canal, block the hair follicles, and facilitate the growth of bacteria, leading to itchy ear canal and yellow water.Long-term chronic congestion of the skin of the external auditory canal can also easily stimulate the secretion of the cerumen glands, and there will be more earwax.Frequently digging out your ears is easy to stimulate the proliferation of skin squamous cells or basal cells, and induce papilloma of the external auditory canal. At the same time, it is easy to bring mold into the external auditory canal, making the ear canal unbearably itchy.If mold grows on the tympanic membrane, hearing loss and tinnitus can occur.The tympanic membrane is a thin film about 0.1 mm thick. If you use a sharp tool to cut your ears, you will accidentally puncture or puncture the tympanic membrane.


Therefore, strictly speaking, don’t dig out your ears yourself.However, because earwax is produced faster, especially those glands that secrete vigorously, commonly known as “oily ears”, the production rate is faster, and it is too troublesome to go to the hospital to take out ears, and it is not realistic.According to the Chinese hearing aid optician, you can dig out your ears yourself, but you need to use a cotton swab to gently rotate the external auditory canal, and then the ears are down so that the cerumen can come out on their own. Try to remove your ears without nails, iron picks and other sharp objects.

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