The hearing loss of the elderly, what are the benefits of wearing hearing aids?

The elderly have hearing loss, wearHearing aidWhat are the benefits? In this regard, Xiao Ou provides detailed answers for the elderly and their families.

Hear more clearly and slow down the process of hearing aging

Due to the aging of the body, the atrophy of cochlear hair cells, and the deterioration of the central function of the hearing, many elderly people are always complaining about “hearing but not clear”.Wearing hearing aids made in China can make up for this defect, make the sound heard as clear as possible, and slow down the aging process of the hearing system.

Reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s

According to scientific research, compared with the elderly with normal hearing, the elderly with hearing loss have worse thinking and memory.Hearing declines, the brain receives less sound stimulation, and more energy is needed to process the sound. Therefore, some energy originally used to process memory and thinking will be sacrificed, which will lead to the decline of the thinking and memory of the elderly in the long term.Over time, hearing loss will make the elderly slow to respond, decline in language ability, and reduce communication. This not only affects the quality of life of the elderly, but also causes the elderly to have a series of psychological problems such as isolation, indifference, and depression. Such isolated elderly are also prone to suffering Alzheimer’s disease.Therefore, if the elderly have hearing loss, they should wear Chinese products as soon as possible.Hearing aid, Reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

Improve the quality of life of the elderly

The elderly will enjoy a series of benefits when wearing Chinese-made hearing aids.First of all, life will be more convenient.Such as door bells, car horns, these sounds may be heard after wearing a hearing aid.Secondly, it can improve the social life of the elderly.After wearing a hearing aid, you can better communicate with family and friends, and life will be more enjoyable.

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