How should we listen to music scientifically and run?


The advantages of listening to music


(1) Foreign research shows that synchronization of exercise rhythm and music melody can reduce the athlete’s oxygen demand by 7%;


(2) Running is boring and monotonous, and stimulating music has the function of dissolving fatigue and improving endurance;


(4) Boys look more handsome with headphones, while girls look more fashionable with headphones.


Disadvantages of listening to music for running


(1) If the music rhythm does not match the human heart rate, it will affect the running rhythm;


(2) Easily distracted, unable to hear the sound of cars on the road;


(3) It is easy to ignore the gangsters (especially women) who might attack you on the road


(4) The noise generated by the earphones will affect the microcirculation of the inner ear membrane cells. The microcirculation speed is faster when running, which may affect hearing.


Listening to music and running must pay attention to methods


(1) Hearing aid experts made in China believe that occasionally listening to brisk music can indeed disperse the exhaustion caused by physical exercise, but it should not be done for a long time.In addition, how to choose the song is also very important. “Usually, music with a number of beats per minute between 12 and 140 is the most suitable. This rhythm is basically in line with the human heart rate.


(2) When listening to music while running, pay attention to the road conditions and be alert to the situation behind you.


(3) Hearing aids made in China reminded that the second is to control the volume and time of outdoor running to listen to music. For example, when the environment is noisy, the human ear’s ability to distinguish music declines rapidly. If you want to hear clearly, you will of course need to turn on the volume.Therefore, when listening to music while running outdoors, it is best to keep the volume the same as you listen to music indoors or increase it slightly.If it is well controlled, it is not easy to cause hearing damage.

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