My child has a lot of earwax, what should parents do?

My child has a lot of earwax, what should parents do?


The brave parents began to fight themselves, and the eighteenth class was tossing for a long time.

The timid parents took the child and ran to the doctor with tears on their faces. Doctor, you have to save my baby’s ears!

The ignorant parents heard what Uncle Zhang said next door, “My grandfather was like that when he was young, just drop a few drops of sesame oil.”

What should I do if my child has too much earwax? Today Xiao Ou will chat with you on this topic.


NO 1 What is earwax?

The cartilaginous skin of the external auditory canal has cerumen glands, and its pale yellow viscous secretions are scientifically named cerumen, commonly known as earwax.The cerumen becomes flakes after drying in the air; some cerumen are like thick grease, commonly known as “oily ears”.


What’s the use of NO 2 earwax?

Earwax guards the door of the external auditory canal like a sentinel, preventing foreign bodies from invading the ear, and protecting the ear canal and tympanic membrane.When the dust in the air invades the child’s ear canal, the earwax can stick them to keep the external ear canal clean; if a small flying insect flies into the child’s ear canal, once the bitter earwax is tasted, it will immediately ” Fleeing Yaoyao”.


NO 3 Should the earwax be clogged up?

Excessive secretion of earwax or obstruction of discharge will accumulate in the ear canal over time and form lumps, blocking the ear canal. This phenomenon is called cerumen embolism.


Many parents like to use cotton swabs to help their children pick out earwax. Part of the earwax will indeed be taken out by the cotton swab, but some will be pushed into the depths by the cotton swab.Some brave parents also use ear picking spoons to help their children pick out earwax, and accidentally damage the child’s external auditory canal.And our audiology professionals can use cerumen hooks, gun-like tweezers and other high-tech equipment, or clamps or hooks to take out the cerumen.If the cerumen is too hard, we will soak it in a potion to soften it before processing.



 On the surface of the embolus, you can see a pit pushed out by the cotton swab and the tympanic membrane revealed after cleaning

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