Will eating spicy, greasy, and caffeine-rich foods often endanger ears and hearing?

Why does eating chili cause ear pain?


The night before yesterday, 45-year-old Mr. Li ate spicy crayfish with a friend. Before the meal was finished, his ears began to hurt, and the pain suddenly disappeared after a few hours.Why does eating chili cause ear pain?


made in ChinaHearing aidExperts say that this condition may be caused by chronic otitis media.Because chronic otitis media is easily overlooked by patients, eating spicy food without knowing that they are sick will cause acute dilation of blood vessels and increase in secretions in the ears, causing an acute attack of potential lesions, resulting in sudden ear pain.


Deafness is closely related to a high-fat diet


With the increasing level of consumption, people have more and more abundant food on the table, and the meat of chicken, duck and fish can be seen everywhere.But what needs to be vigilant is that deafness is closely related to a high-fat diet.


Relevant researchers have conducted scientific experiments on more than 400 people to control fat intake for 6 years. The results show that the hearing of people with low-fat diet is much more sensitive than those with high-fat diet.


Hearing aid experts in China explained that there are many hair cells in the cochlea of ​​the human internal ear. These hair cells can detect the vibration of sound waves and make people hear the sound.If you eat high-fat foods for a long time, blood lipids will increase, and blood viscosity will increase. Excessive lipids in the blood will be deposited on the blood vessel wall, and arteriosclerosis will occur. Cells will die, causing hearing impairment, and in severe cases, deafness.


Excessive caffeine can easily cause auditory vasoconstriction


Miss Wang has a heavy workload recently and often stays up late to work overtime.To refresh herself, Miss Wang drinks a few cups of coffee every night.Later, there was tinnitus, which was not taken seriously at the beginning, but the tinnitus phenomenon has not disappeared, and dizziness and headaches also appeared, which has seriously interfered with Miss Wang’s work.


Hearing aid experts in China explained that caffeine is a stimulant of the central nervous system, which has an activating effect on brain cells and helps to refresh the brain.Relevant experiments pointed out that: caffeine affects the blood circulation system, dilates blood vessels in the skin and constricts cerebral blood vessels.When the blood vessels supplying the auditory organs contract and cause insufficient blood supply, tinnitus may occur, or the original tinnitus may be aggravated.


Xiaoou’s warm reminder: Protecting ears and hearing should change bad eating habits.Try to eat less spicy, high-fat foods, and eat more vegetables and fruits that contain more fiber and protein.At the same time, treat and control corresponding diseases, especially cardiovascular diseases.

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