Explain the misunderstanding of otitis media in detail


made in ChinaHearing aidAccording to experts, due to the limitation of the level of medical technology, most patients with chronic otitis media and cholesteatoma otitis media are treated conservatively with drugs. If the operation needs to be stopped for 3 months to more than half a year, it is often due to inflammatory lesions of the middle ear mastoid process. It is easy to relapse and perforate the tympanic membrane without complete eradication.


At present, due to the development of otology microscopy technology, tympanoplasty has been widely used in the treatment of clinical otitis media. It can not only completely remove inflammatory and cholesteatoma lesions and obtain a radical cure, but also repair the tympanic membrane and rebuild the ossicular bone to improve hearing and the probability of recurrence. Very low.


Misunderstanding of otitis media XNUMX. “Water out” and pus in the ear canal is otitis media


According to Chinese hearing aid experts, other ear diseases may also have “watery” and pus symptoms. For example, otitis externa sometimes shows “watery” in the ear canal. When accompanied by bacterial infections, there will be pus symptoms. The main difference from otitis media It is the performance of the former tympanic membrane without perforation.


There are many causes of external otitis, such as repeated ear picking, diabetic fungal infection, narrow ear canal water ingress, etc., especially ear picking is more common.Folliculitis of the external auditory canal can also cause pus in the ear canal, which can be differentiated by examination of the ear canal and the past medical history.


Misunderstanding of otitis media XNUMX. To treat otitis media, you only need to take antibiotics


Patients with secretory otitis media are mainly to treat their triggers, such as rhinitis, sinusitis, upper respiratory tract infections, colds, etc., can use nasal drops, Chinese patent medicine antibiotics and other drugs, such as nasal polyps, nasal cavity and nasopharyngeal tumors, severe nasopharyngeal hypertrophy, etc. To undergo surgery.


According to a Chinese hearing aid expert, in addition to antibiotics for acute otitis media, patients with earache should also use ear drops. When the tympanic membrane is not perforated, glycerol can be used for anti-inflammatory and pain relief. Perforation and suppuration, hydrogen peroxide and antibiotic drops should be used. Nasal astringents can speed up the recovery of the disease.


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