[Hearing health] Detailed explanation of tympanic membrane perforation

Tympanic membrane perforation is a common ear disease. It is mostly caused by acute otitis media perforation caused by a cold, accidental digging through the tympanic membrane or some external force factors. Some patients do not pay enough attention to the disease and think it will not Cause too much harm to health.This is not the case, please listen to Chinese productsHearing aidTell me carefully…


What are the causes of tympanic membrane perforation?


1. Inflammation

When the upper respiratory tract is infected, bacteria and secretions in the nasal cavity can easily reach the middle ear cavity through the Eustachian tube and cause infection, which can lead to acute otitis media and perforation of the tympanic membrane.


2. Trauma

It is mostly caused by direct or indirect external force damage, such as ear picking, surgery, foreign body in the external auditory canal, pressure injury such as palm hitting the ear and face, blasting, high diving and diving may damage the tympanic membrane and cause tympanic membrane perforation.


What is the manifestation of tympanic membrane perforation?


Perforation of tympanic membrane caused by acute otitis media

The patient has ear pain first, and the pain can be relieved after the tympanic membrane is perforated, and fluid may flow out of the ear.


Perforation of the tympanic membrane caused by trauma

After the tympanic membrane ruptures, the patient suddenly feels earache, hearing loss immediately accompanied by tinnitus, a small amount of bleeding in the external auditory canal and a feeling of fullness in the ear.


What are the hazards of tympanic membrane perforation?


1. The protective effect of the middle ear is damaged: the tympanic membrane is the side door of the middle ear, which separates the outer ear from the middle ear and protects the middle ear cavity.After perforation, external bacteria, sewage, and foreign bodies can cause infection and discharge of pus in the middle ear through the perforation.


2. Perforation causes hearing loss: the sound first vibrates the tympanic membrane, and then travels to the cochlea through the middle ear ossicular chain, which causes neural reflexes to form hearing. After the tympanic membrane is perforated, the effective vibration area of ​​the tympanic membrane is reduced, and the energy of external sound waves into the inner ear is weakened and appears. Hearing loss.


3. Repeated inflammation of the middle ear can lead to bone ulcer type or cholesteatoma type otitis media. When bones are eroded, it may cause intracranial and extracranial complications such as facial nerve palsy, meningitis, brain abscess, and even life-threatening.


How to care after tympanic membrane perforation?


1. It is waterproof to the ear and cannot swim. You can plug the ear canal with a sterile cotton ball when washing your hair or bathing;


2. Keep away from dusty spaces, windy weather, and ear protection before going out;


3. Take care to prevent colds and colds, and prevent inappropriate nose blowing, such as pinching the two nostrils to forcefully drain the nose, it is easy to squeeze the nasal secretions into the middle ear through the Eustachian tube, which may cause aggravation of inflammation;


4. Be careful not to do strenuous exercise and heavy physical labor during the tympanic membrane repair period, and it is not advisable to chew hard food.


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