Why someone can hear but can’t hear clearly

made in ChinaHearing aidExperts say that human hearing includes two stages: hearing (perception) and hearing clearly (understanding).Hearing is a physiological function of the auditory system, and hearing clearly is an advanced function, including auditory recognition, auditory memory, and auditory comprehension.As long as there is a sound signal to the listening center, we “hear it”; but to hear clearly, we must also have auditory discrimination ability.Therefore, if you can hear clearly, you must have heard it, but if you hear it, you may not hear it clearly.

Hearing aid experts made in China say that the inner ear has the ability to distinguish simple sound signals. After the inner ear is damaged, the auditory distinguishing ability will be reduced.However, because human auditory discrimination ability has enough leeway, 70% recognition of a passage is enough to ensure that we understand it, and there is no need to demand 100%. Therefore, the less serious inner ear damage will not completely lose the auditory discrimination ability of the patient.


The auditory center has a more complex and powerful ability to distinguish sound signals. The auditory center is damaged, and the auditory recognition ability will be significantly reduced.When a person enters a noisy environment, because the speech signal itself becomes ambiguous, it is more difficult for people with normal hearing to sound, and patients with reduced hearing function cannot hear clearly.A similar situation can also occur if the signal is too low. For example, if the TV sound is too low, we can’t hear it clearly.Unfortunately, most patients with sensorineural hearing loss have damage to the inner ear and auditory center, but the degree is different, and the more severe the hearing loss, the worse the discrimination ability, with the exception of auditory neuropathy.Therefore, most patients with sensorineural hearing loss complain about being audible, but unclear.


Hearing aid experts in China said that in addition, the central nervous system of the elderly is degraded and the brain’s ability to process information is weakened. Compared with young people with the same level of hearing loss, the elderly’s recognition ability is worse, and they cannot hear clearly or understand. The phenomenon is more common.


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