The importance of adult hearing screening

According to statistics, at present, adult hearing screening can be carried out by telephone, the Internet, on-site, or at home. In fact, there are two main methods: one is to use IT technology, the doctor and the subject do not meet, but the phone or the Internet is used; The second is on-site hearing screening, which is a traditional screening technique. Screeners carry audiometers and provide on-site hearing tests.At present, the second method is mainly used at home and abroad, especially in developing countries, such as China and India.along withHearing aidWith the advancing pace of the 3.0 era, a universal in-ear type appeared on the marketHearing aid, Simple hearing screening can be performed directly, which makes hearing screening for ordinary people easier.


另一项关于电话听力筛查的调研显示,193名年龄在24岁到93岁之间的成人参与了电话听力筛查,其中112名女性,81名男性。根据这些研究者的分析,每一百名没有通过听力筛查的患者中,只有36%继续接受检查,而在这些接受深入检查的患者中,大约有13人(36%)会被建议使用助听器或者其他康复器械。最后只有5个人使用Hearing aid.From the overall analysis, the recovery success rate of adult hearing screening is about 5%.

Therefore, from the results of these data, the effect of hearing screening is not obvious, and the effort spent is not commensurate with the final benefit.In other words, the huge resources were used to achieve little in the end, and it smelled like a cannon against mosquitoes.

The reason is that Chinese hearing aid experts believe that because of the characteristics of hearing loss and insufficient public awareness, the severity of hearing loss is not enough for patients to receive treatment or rehabilitation immediately.Therefore, more publicity is needed, including full-name promotional activities like Erri.Another point that needs to be noted is that we cannot regard means as an end. The implementation of screening is not an end. Hearing rehabilitation is the aim!

The importance of adult hearing screening

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