3-year-old ignores people?Hearing loss

There are children in the family who are at least 3 years old and can’t speak. They often respond slowly and ignore others. Parents think they are introverted and shy, and may be caused by hearing. According to the survey, children aged 0 to 6 have a high degree of developmental delay.The line rate is about 6% to 8%, and the important key lies in hearing impairment or natural hearing impairment.

The detectable incidence rate within 1 day of birth is 4‰


The age of 1 to 1 and a half years is the time when words and expression skills begin to be constructed. Hearing oral interpreter Li Yunwei pointed out that hearing impairment is divided into mild, moderate, moderate, severe, and extremely severe. Hearing-impaired children usually still have some residual hearing, but If it is not corrected in time, it may affect his oral expression ability in the future, such as being unable to speak a complete sentence, resulting in incomplete expression, misunderstanding by others, and so on.made in ChinaHearing aid

Loose attention and learning disabilities

Hearing loss in children is quite common clinically and is an important disease. Although newborn hearing screening has been comprehensively promoted, the hearing test platform can detect earlyHearing loss, It can also be found that late-onset hearing loss is an important stage of hearing development before the age of 3, and early treatment is needed if it is found.

In addition, the symptoms of hearing impairment in school-age children are usually mainly inattention and learning disabilities. During the course, they may not be able to concentrate and interfere with other students. Usually, the children are not aware of it, so they are often ignored by parents and teachers. , May even be punished by mistakenly thinking of hyperactivity, which may lead to long-term reluctance to communicate with others, which will have a significant impact on future personality development and social interaction.

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