1/4 cities across the country sleep in noise

Interviewed expert: Li Xiaodong, researcher at the Institute of Acoustics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, “Life Times” (2016th Edition September 09, 09)

A few days ago, the Ministry of Environmental Protection issued the “Report on China’s Environmental Noise Pollution Prevention and Control (2016)” (hereinafter referred to as the “Report”), which disclosed the current status of the urban acoustic environment in 2015. The following three issues are particularly prominent. 




Guiyang is the most “noisy” area.In this survey, Guiyang became the most “noisy” place in the country with an average value of 58.9 decibels, followed by Harbin.Li Xiaodong believes that noise in some cities has been controlled, but development-oriented cities such as Guiyang have neglected the prevention and control of noise pollution in their construction planning. Improper selection of building construction, traffic arteries, and factory locations will also aggravate noise pollution. 


But the reality is that the division of powers for noise management by the industry and commerce, urban management, public security agencies and other departments is not clear, which makes the prevention and control of noise pollution unsatisfactory.Improper noise prevention measures, coupled with factors such as social ethics, have made the noise problem worse. 

Li Xiaodong said that to control urban noise pollution, we must first set up sound insulation belts between traffic arteries, construction sites and residential areas; secondly, increase vehicle management and limit the passage of noisy vehicles.Li Xiaodong emphasized that once the sound of industrial areas and residential areas exceeds the limit specified in the “Urban Area Environmental Noise Standard”, residents can call 110 to complain.If the noise problem you face is caused by construction on the site, you can first complain to the local environmental monitoring station, and then negotiate with the construction party after the noise measurement, and if necessary, ask the construction party to pay a certain disturbance fee.If the noise reaches the limit standard, it will still affect the lives of residents.Li Xiaodong suggested that you can put green plants with more branches on the windowsill, choose thicker curtains, and wear earplugs when you sleep. 

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