Design of Hearing Aid Inspection Apparatus——Intelligent Judgment of Hearing Threshold

Recently, researchers from the Department of Biomedical Engineering of Wenzhou Medical University published a paper aiming to develop a computer based on the theoretical basis of the effect of sound on the amplitude of brain waves. Hearing aid Check and match the instrument.The research pointed out that the instrument developed by this project is simple and intelligent, more in line with practical application requirements, and has the advantage of interdisciplinary cooperation to ensure scientificity. It has certain reference significance for the application of brain wave characteristic changes in objective listening tests. .This article was published in the 2014 issue of 03 in the “Chinese Journal of Medical Physics”.

Design a sine wave generating circuit combined with an audio drive circuit to realize a pure tone stimulation source with stepped frequency and continuously adjustable gain; use the white noise of the op The influence on the brain wave amplitude is used as the threshold of hearing threshold; the single-chip microcomputer and MATLAB perform data transmission, processing and waveform display on the brain wave signal collected by the brain wave acquisition system. When the brain wave is displayed in real time on the GUI interface, the software captures the brain through the amplitude algorithm The sudden change point of the electrical amplitude and a feedback signal is issued to prompt to record the hearing threshold.Finally, the comprehensive audiometry results are obtained by drawing the threshold curve and stored.

纯音刺激源的频率和响度范围满足听力检测要求(20 Hz~15 kHz,0 dB~150 dB);噪声模拟接近相关标准;本设计实现了脑电采集和实时显示,计算机软件可捕捉到脑电波因突发的声音刺激而产生的幅值突变,判断失误率仅为6.7%。得到的综合测听结果与临床测听数据基本一致。

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